About counselling

I work as a problem gambling counsellor.  In counselling a lot of people talk about the highs and lows they feel around their gambling behaviour.  The highs of anticipation, knowing they are going to gamble, thinking they are going to win.  The rush of adrenaline when they win or score the free games feature.  The excitement of everyone hearing the win and then the buzz of telling your mates about it.

Then there are the lows that no one really wants to talk about.  The low when you realise that there are no more $50 notes in your wallet. Again.

The sick feeling when you see you’ve withdrawn the maximum limit on your cash cards and your credit cards are maxed too.

Maybe even knowing that the debt collectors will be back chasing soon, or you will have to lie and borrow from friends and family yet again just to survive the week.

Approximately 85% of people who attend counselling are suffering from depression and anxiety issues.

When you live the highs and lows like this every week, and often for years, you can understand why.

Gambling beyond your means can cost you much more than just your money. It can cost you your job, your home, family and friends, relationships.

It can cause extreme anger, insomnia and many other health and mental health problems.

Don’t ignore it. There are lots of ways you can get help. It’s free and confidential.

Call 1800 858 858 for free help 24/7 or check www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au for help near you.

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