Help is available for family and friends

Sometimes it’s not just problem gamblers who are affected by out of control gambling habits. It affects family members, friends and work colleagues too.

Here is Cathy’s Story;

I have a son who is very heavy into gambling. It all started at the begining of the year when he put 3000 dollars on a bet and lost it in a matter of 10 mins. Now he is stealing money off his own family he has just taken 1300 dollars off his sister and took his brother’s keycard and took 800 dollars out. When he won 10,000
dollars on the cricket and then everyone wants to be his friend. He gave them money but now no one wants to pay him back and we are the biggest losers in the world.   Also one of his so called friends got him involved with a bookie which he ended up owing 2500 dollars.  I really need help…

Cathy, often mothers are in the toughest situation of all. They want to help but end up getting hurt again and again. It can be really difficult to know how to manage a situation like this. It can often be worth seeing a gambling counsellor yourself – I have seen many mothers over the years. Often it is just for a session or two, but a counsellor can hear your story and will help you come up with a plan for looking after yourself as well as supporting your son.

You can call 1800 858 858 for free help too or visit

Free Confidential Help for Friends and Families

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