Making positive changes

Gambling Help counsellors take a ‘big picture’ approach when working with people with gambling problems.

We don’t just look at the gambling behaviour, but try and look at how people started gambling and why gambling has taken hold of their lives.

Often we find that gambling excessively is the end result of other problems.

A gambling problem could have been triggered by low-self esteem, loneliness, boredom.

Sometime grief and the loss of a loved one or a family break up can have been the start of a gambling problem.

Trauma or abuse or even just a general unhappiness with their lives can make gambling seem attractive.

For many people, gambling ends up being an “escape” or a coping tool for dealing with these other problems.

Understanding why you gamble can help you change your behaviour.

Here are some common causes for gambling. If you can identify why you gamble, you can then use the Gambling Help workbook or work with a Gambling Help counsellor to develop a plan that will help you get gambling under control.


  • to win money
  • for entertainment
  • to be sociable
  • to make a big win
  • to forget my troubles
  • to escape from problems
  • for something to do
  • for excitement
  • to avoid talking to people


Why do you gamble? Talk to someone now 1800 858 858

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