My husband gets angry when I go to the club

A very distressed Sarah wrote to me the other day about her gambling problems. Sarah has had a traumatic few months and now finds she is losing control of her gambling. I have always liked playing the pokies but it had never really been a big problem. Then 9 months ago I had a still [...]

I have made a pledge to give up pokies forever

Catherine's gambling escalated over time…she's now pledged to give up pokies all together. I have been playing pokies for about 5 years. My gambling has got worse in the last 12 months. There have been some personal issues I have had to deal with and I think I use gambling to try and forget them. [...]

My husband has a pokie addiction

It’s hard watching a loved one destroy their life.  Gambling can afflict pain not only on the gambler but also on other family members. I received a letter from Louise recently, a woman helping her husband through his gambling addiction… I don’t actually have a gambling addiction, my husband does…. And I don’t know how [...]