Christmas time gambling

Well, it is less than one month, or two paydays until Christmas and while festive cheer moves into over-drive, for people who have a problem with their gambling, this can be an extremely stressful time! Our family, friends, girlfriends or partners have huge expectations around the holiday, celebrations and the gifts that they receive for … Continue reading Christmas time gambling

Ved Has a Vent About Gambling

Often gamblers get angry about gambling. Angry at the machines for not paying out, angry at venues and the government for allowing gambling, and most often angry with themselves for continuing to gamble when they want to stop. I received this letter from Ved who has gambled for 9 years. It's in what my mum … Continue reading Ved Has a Vent About Gambling

My husband gets angry when I go to the club

A very distressed Sarah wrote to me the other day about her gambling problems. Sarah has had a traumatic few months and now finds she is losing control of her gambling. I have always liked playing the pokies but it had never really been a big problem. Then 9 months ago I had a still … Continue reading My husband gets angry when I go to the club

Michael’s spent more than $50k on gambling

Michael is 22 years old and has spent more than $50,000 on gambling, he now wishes he never started gambling. Unfortunately this is something we hear a lot when working with problem gamblers, young people are captivated by gambling and then before they know it, their gambling has spiraled out of control and is costing … Continue reading Michael’s spent more than $50k on gambling

I have made a pledge to give up pokies forever

Catherine's gambling escalated over time…she's now pledged to give up pokies all together. I have been playing pokies for about 5 years. My gambling has got worse in the last 12 months. There have been some personal issues I have had to deal with and I think I use gambling to try and forget them. … Continue reading I have made a pledge to give up pokies forever

My husband has a pokie addiction

It’s hard watching a loved one destroy their life.  Gambling can afflict pain not only on the gambler but also on other family members. I received a letter from Louise recently, a woman helping her husband through his gambling addiction… I don’t actually have a gambling addiction, my husband does…. And I don’t know how … Continue reading My husband has a pokie addiction

Enron… Anyone?

There's an old adage 'the only thing you can bet on in life is death and taxes' and there's a good reason for that. It's true. Gambling is defined as 'betting or staking of something of value on the outcome of a game or event'. ...even 'playing the stock market' falls clearly into this definition. … Continue reading Enron… Anyone?