Brodie’s Story

Don’t Mix Work and Play

I find it sad that so many people who work in the gambling industry are also frequent gamblers themselves and many are problem gamblers.  Here is Brodie’s story…

My name is Brodie. I have come to terms with the fact I have an addiction to pokies since I turned 18. Two years down the track I have nothing to show for myself but huge debts and loans that are getting out of control. Irony is I work in the industry as a pokie attendant and feel that I don’t have the strength to be around them without playing so I feel it’s in my best interest to resign and find a more suited job and change my life around.

This is a good move for Brodie! It’s good that he realises that it’s up to him to make the changes he wants. He is still young and has plenty of time to be a winner in life. It sounds like a job as a pokie attendant is not the best move for him. A career move can be challenging but exciting.

I also recommended to Brodie that he think about a money plan for the future to help him get in front. He may want to make an appointment with a financial counsellor to help him with this.

We also have counselling services on Gambling Hangover in many areas;

Remember counselling from a gambling counsellor may also be supportive as you make changes in your life. It will be great in the future to have the money to spend on some other things you may enjoy, rather than losing your money gambling or on the pokies.

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