Melbourne Cup Wrap Up

Horsing Around
Yesterday some of us had a flutter, we spent a few dollars on a sweep or made our once-a-year annual bet. For others it was another day of serious loss. While Melbourne Cup might be the race that stops a nation the rules for responsible gambling don’t stop – only bet what you can afford to lose.

If you are going to bet $5,000 you must be prepared to lose it, after all it is a gamble not a safe bet.

If you’ve bet and lost more cash that you wanted to, this is not the time for remorse. Like regret, remorse is energy wasted. It is far better (and a better bet) to invest your time and energy into setting goals for the future. Take action and make the changes you want.

If you want to keep betting, you should only bet an amount you are prepared to lose.

Only bet an amount you are happy to do without, an amount of money that won’t have you feeling anxious and upset if it all goes.

If you think your betting/gambling is difficult to control, perhaps it is time to give it away, no more gambling, instead focus on other ways to get excited and enjoy your life.

Something to think about if you have gambled lots.

Ask yourself, what were you hoping for and how can you make those changes without gambling?

Was it quick money?

Maybe you dislike your work and need to change jobs, learn more skills?

Did you think a win would change your life?

Do you feel life has treated you unfairly? Why?

How can you change it for the better?

Today might be a good day to start concentrating on the good things in your life and the things that have gone your way. To keep the odds in your favour, only take calculated risks, that is risks that you can afford if you lose.

Life can be fun and sometimes a game but stay in control and make your own rules.

If you lose more than you can afford to lose it is time to change your game plan and you can get, free, confidential and expert help at or 1800 858 858.


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