Friends and Families Affected By Gambling

I think my friend has a gambling problem, what can I do? There are lots of families and friends out there who are affected by gambling, and commonly it is not their own gambling but they are worried about someone close to them. For many family members and friends associated with someone who has a … Continue reading Friends and Families Affected By Gambling

My Mates Pressure Me to Gamble

How do you deal with pressure from your mates to gamble? Picture you and your mates from the cricket or footy team celebrating a win at the local pub or club and during the night someone suggests that everyone puts in $10, $20 or even $50 into the pokies. Maybe you don’t want to play, but you … Continue reading My Mates Pressure Me to Gamble

Women and gambling

  Typically we are led to believe that gambling, like playing poker or roulette, is primarily a man’s game. But interesting research statistics coming out of The University of Queensland show women are now more at risk of developing a serious gambling problem, and are becoming addicted, isolated and even suicidal. Dr Timothy Lee, a … Continue reading Women and gambling