Gambling problems don’t just happen

Is Your Gambling Out of Control?

Are any of these things happening to you?

Gambling problems don’t usually just happen, often they build up overtime as gambling behaviour changes from social gambling to regular gambling and then compulsive or problem gambling. It’s often called the continuum of gambling, behaviours change becoming more intense with people usually gambling more often and for longer, spending more time and money.

It could happen over months or years. Often we try to tell ourselves and anyone who challenges our behaviour that nothing has changed, but we find that we need to gamble more often and place bigger bets to feel the level of excitement we used to.

Sometimes the first signs of a potential problem aren’t about money, it could be that you feel nervous or anxious if you haven’t gambled or that you’ve become obsessed with finding a system. Perhaps it’s feeling a win is due or maybe you find you’re having more arguments with family and friends.

Are any of these things happening to you?

• I can’t sleep, I worry, my health is suffering.

• My partner is threatening to leave me if I don’t stop gambling.

• I fight with people about my gambling.

• I’m tired of sneaking around, lying and hiding my losses.

• Creditors are hassling me. I’ve got lots of debts.

• Gambling is all I ever think about. It has taken over my life.

• I’ve stopped caring about things that should be important to me.

• I’ve borrowed money from so many people. I can’t face them.

• I’m afraid I’ll lose my job.

• I don’t even enjoy gambling most of the time.

• I feel like such a loser. Sometimes I hate myself so much.

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, gambling could be the cause. If you’d rather think about how to change your life for the better, call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 for free, confidential, expert help that works or go to our website.


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