Gambling and Depression

imagesWe know that when people gamble at harmful levels, this is associated with a higher risk of suffering from depression, anxiety and/or difficulties with alcohol and/or drugs.

In Australia, the most common problem associated with gambling is typically found to be depression. In fact, up to 60% of people who are struggling with gambling issues may also develop issues with depression.

Depression is more than just feeling sad. Whilst depression manifests itself differently from person to person, common symptoms include the experience of intense feelings of low mood or hopelessness, losing interest or pleasure in previously enjoyed activities, sleeping too much or too little, lacking energy and motivation, poor appetite or eating too much, feeling bad about yourself, having difficulties concentrating, or having thoughts about harming or killing yourself.

Often people may also report physically slowing down, or alternatively feeling more restless and fidgety.

If you or someone who know is experiencing depressive symptoms, it is important to talk to someone about it.  There are a variety of health professionals who deal with depression, such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Social Workers and Counsellors.

For more information about depression, check out the following link. You can also call Gambling Help on the following number 1800 858 858 or go to the website for more information and support.

2 thoughts on “Gambling and Depression

    1. Hi Lynn,

      It sounds like you have been going through a really tough time with your gambling. I can totally understand how losing your money on the machines can make you feel hopeless and low. Sometimes when you are feeling down, it’s hard to imagine a life free of gambling and all of the difficulties that go with it. I want you to know that you are not alone. There is help available and many people have been where you are and have overcome this problem.

      I would encourage you to talk to someone about it. Talk to a friend, a family member and if you are willing, a counsellor. They are uniquely qualified to deal with the issues you face and can help provide you with the support that you need. Gambling Helpline is a 24 hour service (1800 858 858) and are there to help you through it. They can not only provide immediate support and advice, but can also put you in touch with a counsellor in your area.

      If you ever feel that life isn’t worth living I would urge you to either call Gambling Helpline or Lifeline on 13 11 14 to get the support you need. There is always someone to talk to.

      Take care,
      Counsellor Sam

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