Why stop gambling?


It may be easy to think that gambling is inherently a bad activity but a closer examination of this assumption will usually lead us back to a puritanical, church-based evaluation of it. While for some people this might be reason enough not to gamble, most people no longer support the idea that something is wrong just because the church says so.

So, what reasons are there for stopping? Firstly, many people may want to stop for the money. If gambling was leading to long-term profits it would not bother many people (stockmarket anyone?). As most people would appreciate, earning money is not easy and losing it to the bookie or the poker machine is not usually people’s first choice of things they would want to spend it on. A related reason is the effect on our mood from losing money. It may not be the money itself but the ‘gambling hangover’ that leads people to re-evaluate whether they want to keep going with their punting. For others, it is the impact on relationships that drives them to want to stop. The impact of gambling on partner can take many forms but it can include financial insecurity and trust. When a significant other puts their foot down, some gamblers decide that it is time to stop. For others, it is neither the loss of money or the impact on others but rather the feeling of loss of control. As human beings we like to feel like we are in control of our lives and our behaviours and so to have a behaviour that we feel unable to stop or control can be enough to want to do something about it.

Whatever the reason, if you are interested in looking at reducing or stopping your gambling, I would encourage you to seek help. A trained professional can make the journey a lot easier and a lot quicker than trying to find the path alone.

Free, confidential, expert help and support is available anytime by calling Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or visiting the website.

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