Sports Betting

The legalisation of internet sports gambling, accompanied by the development of smart phone gambling apps, has made sports betting ever more readily accessible and acceptable. This widespread acceptance of gambling in Australian culture has seen a large increase in gambling advertising during sporting events. Tom Waterhouse’s in-game presence with the NRL’s TV commentary team, spruiking … Continue reading Sports Betting

What are your triggers?

Identifying personal triggers for gambling is a difficult task, but the identification of such triggers is the first step toward being able to control them. They may vary between individuals, as we are all unique in our personal experiences, but the list below provides some common triggers that many gamblers experience. Low Mood: Feelings of … Continue reading What are your triggers?

Social Conditioning and Gambling

Many people with a gambling problem question the influence of social factors, specifically the role of their upbringing and family dynamics, on their gambling. They often say that they were raised in a ‘family of gambling’ or that ‘gambling is in their blood’; these statements reveal the influence of social conditioning on problem gambling. Although … Continue reading Social Conditioning and Gambling

Shame and Gambling

People experience a complex range of emotions while gambling. Some emotions are undeniably positive such as excitement, surprise, and hopefulness – and individuals may gamble in the hope of experiencing such feelings. Unfortunately another emotion is also often experienced while gambling: shame. Shame has been defined as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused … Continue reading Shame and Gambling

Why is internet gambling dangerous?

Just last month the New Jersey Devils and the Philadephia 76ers became the first professional US sports teams to be sponsored by online gambling companies. Online gambling is now legal in three U.S. states. Closer to home, online gambling on sporting and cultural events is permitted in Australia. It seems that the rapid growth of … Continue reading Why is internet gambling dangerous?

Spin City – The psychology behind the lure of pokies

There are many reasons why people start playing the pokies and why they keep going back. They might have been introduced to pokies by their family or friends, they might play as a form of escape, they might keep going back to try to win back their losses. However, did you know gaming machine designers … Continue reading Spin City – The psychology behind the lure of pokies