The romanticised idea of gambling

Gambling has been romanticised since time immemorial. Romanticised ideas around gambling emerge early, through the celebration of games such as “two-up” and figures such as Phar-lap in our national lore. Movies such as “21”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and the James Bond franchise also do much do romanticise the idea of gambling, depicting it as an activity for [...]


An understanding of the inner workings of the poker machines is reliant on an appreciation of randomness. ‘Randomness’ is a tricky concept, in that we often think we understand what this term means and may use it frequently without even realising that its true meaning evades us. As a test, if you were asked to [...]

We need to change the way we talk about gambling

Have you listened in to someone at a gambling venue playing the pokies? There are similar statements that seem to arise regardless of which venue you are at: “I’m up”. “I’m having a good run”. “I’m on a winning streak”. “The machines are hot today”. “I have won $200”. The problem with these statements is that [...]

Keeping Secrets

Whether gambling is a problem for a person depends on the circumstances and experience of each individual; however, a typical feature of problem gambling is that it is often shrouded in secrecy – that is it lied about or covered up in some way. Problem gambling is often a cause of embarrassment, guilt and shame, and [...]