We need to change the way we talk about gambling

change the way we talk about gambling

Have you listened in to someone at a gambling venue playing the pokies? There are similar statements that seem to arise regardless of which venue you are at:

“I’m up”.
“I’m having a good run”.
“I’m on a winning streak”.
“The machines are hot today”.
“I have won $200”.

The problem with these statements is that they add to the illusion that you can ‘beat the machines’. How do statements such as these create this illusion? Through 24-hour accounting. The way we talk tricks us into believing we have won. If we were to use a different time period, for instance a year, month, or even a week, we would be unable to use terms such as “I’m up” or “I’ve won $200”.

The truth is that you have been losing since you started gambling. Think of all the times you have put money into the machines over the course of your gambling history; a $200 win on one of these occasions does not in fact mean you are ‘winning’, but rather that you have “only lost X amount”. Even if you have ‘won’ today, you have still lost money in the long-run.

If you think you have been using 24-hour accounting and are concerned about the amount of money you have lost while gambling, call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 for confidential and free advice.

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