Inside the counselling room

Despite Hollywood portrayals, counselling is not lying on a long leather couch talking about your mother.. Did you know that only one in ten people who experience problems with gambling are in treatment at any given time? That’s a very low percentage, especially given the many negative consequences of problem gambling. It got me thinking … Continue reading Inside the counselling room

Having the strength to reach out

In recent decades, awareness about the importance of talking about our problems, instead of keeping them hidden, has increased among the community. In spite of this, many people think that talking about their problems, or asking for help, is a sign of weakness, and that dealing with problems on your own is a sign of … Continue reading Having the strength to reach out

The impact of gambling on loved ones

People with problematic levels of gambling are not the only ones who suffer the negative consequences of gambling. Those closest to them, such as a partner, a child, family member or close friend, may suffer too. This distress can often go unnoticed. Recent research has indicated that partners of individuals with problematic levels of gambling … Continue reading The impact of gambling on loved ones

Riding the wave

Often when we are trying to break a habit we find that we experience urges – thoughts which seem to try to persuade us to engage in the exact behaviour we are trying to avoid. People with gambling problems often report feeling the ‘urge’ to gamble with thoughts such as “I’ll just have a quick … Continue reading Riding the wave


People with gambling problems often find themselves in financial difficulty. This can be an overwhelming and stressful situation that can often serve as a trigger to continue gambling in an attempt to regain the money they lost. A helpful step when trying to get your gambling under control or get your finances back on track is … Continue reading Budgeting

Problem gambling and the workplace – keep an eye out for a mate

This week, 26-31 May, is Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, and this year Gambling Help services are working with local businesses across NSW to promote the free range of support services available, and to encourage people to keep an eye out at work for their workmates. There can be many psychological, social and financial consequences for individuals … Continue reading Problem gambling and the workplace – keep an eye out for a mate

The signs of relapse

Gambling can be a very difficult thing to stop - it is a process that takes time, energy and often there are bumps along the way. However people do get there and often feel relieved after going a considerable period of time without gambling. This sense of relief from ceasing gambling activities can come with … Continue reading The signs of relapse