People with gambling problems often find themselves in financial difficulty. This can be an overwhelming and stressful situation that can often serve as a trigger to continue gambling in an attempt to regain the money they lost.

A helpful step when trying to get your gambling under control or get your finances back on track is to create a budget.

A financial budget has several benefits:

  • It will help you to determine and understand the patterns of spending.
  • It will assist in determining areas where you can minimise, or cut down, on non-essential expenses.
  • It can help you divide your income into different areas, allowing you to manage bills, have money for day-to-day expenses and allow an allowance for recreational activities.
  • It can assist in managing any debt incurred through gambling.

Starting a budget may seem overwhelming, however and if you feel you need professional assistance, free help is at hand.

Financial counsellors can provide information about options and assist in budget planning and debt management. To find out more about how to budget or where to find a financial counsellor near you, contact Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 for free and confidential advice.

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