Alarm Bells

It might not always be obvious if your gambling or that of a loved one is out of control. Remember, even people with gambling problems start off as recreational gamblers, perhaps going out for an occasional punt with friends over a few drinks on the weekend. No one starts out as a problem gambler. What’s … Continue reading Alarm Bells

That’s so random

Poker machines work randomly. Every win, every loss, every spin of the reel - completely random. We know this because it’s the law. It’s in the National Standards which are vigorously enforced by governments and independent testing agencies. It even says so in the Gaming Industry’s own Player Information Booklet. So why do so many … Continue reading That’s so random

What have you got to lose?

“What’s the point of getting treatment for my gambling? Why would speaking to a complete stranger about it help? What would they know that could possibly make a difference? And besides, I don’t want to anyone to know about my gambling. I’d hate to show my face at one of those clinics.” Have you ever … Continue reading What have you got to lose?

Why do I have a problem with gambling while my friends don’t?

Thoughts about gambling are one of the main factors which differentiate somebody with a gambling problem from a non-gambler or a recreational gambler. “Why do I have a problem with gambling while my friends don’t?” is often a question that people with gambling problems bring to treatment. The answer to this question can be found in … Continue reading Why do I have a problem with gambling while my friends don’t?