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Suicide is a difficult topic to talk about. It is can be hard to hear that another human being is feeling so much anguish they are seriously considering ending their life and it is certainly difficult to talk about one’s own suicidality – past and present. However, there are reasons this topic should not be swept under the carpet.

In my work I often come across people who are at the end of their tethers. When people come to me they are often in a very desperate situation – financially, emotionally, socially and professionally. Many people in these situations contemplate suicide. I think it’s important to talk about this topic because for every person who seeks help there are many more who suffer in silence. Suicide is often considered taboo in our society and not spoken about, but the consequences of dealing with it alone can be devastating.

When you are facing crushing gambling debts, the loss of family, friends and your job, all can seem hopeless. In this situation emotions usually run high. Feelings such as guilt and shame can be overwhelming.

In times of these, it is important to take a moment, centre yourself and think rationally about your future and your options. Is there truly no hope, no reason for living? Aren’t there things you still want to do in life, people you want to live for? Isn’t there a chance, even a small one, you can turn things around? There are support services available to help you make that change.

When we anchor ourselves from the emotional storm and think rationally, other options emerge, and it makes sense to pursue these other options and seek help.

If you are currently in situation where you find yourself struggling, my advice is to please talk to someone about it. That can be a trusted friend or family member, or a trained counsellor (e.g. Lifeline 13 11 14 – a 24hr service). Talking it through often helps to put things in perspective.

While it is understandable that people with a gambling problem will feel despair following large losses, help is always available. A loss of money, no matter how large, is never worth the loss of a life. Problem gambling is a treatable condition, with many forms of therapy available. Individuals feeling despair from their gambling should investigate to find a therapy that suits them with a person they connect with.

You are not alone – help is available 24/7:

Gambling Help – 1800 858 858

Lifeline – 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 659 467

MensLine Australia – 1300 78 99 78

Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800

If you, or someone you are with, is in immediate danger call 000 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

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