It’s tough to get started

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Many people who have shared  their stories on the Gambling Help website feel like they’re at “Rock Bottom” struggling with everything from financial problems and relationship breakdowns, to  homelessness  and loss of work.  Their words express enormous guilt, sadness, anger, and shame at the end of a gambling episode – sometimes there are even thoughts of suicide. And yet the urge to gamble is still there.

For many people, reaching out for help when you feel overwhelmed and even ashamed of the decisions you have made is very hard.  However those people who have had the courage to seek support often say how relieved they are to have made that first courageous step. They deserve nothing but our admiration!

That step can be anything: looking at stories from others, ordering some of our free materials  such as our gambling help workbook or our wallet reminder card. Keep in mind not only what you have lost through gambling but also what there is to gain. It may take time but it is possible to win back the trust and respect from those who love you.

Take a look at our free material and resources.

Remember that right now, experienced counsellors are  available by phone on 1800 858 858 to talk to you confidentially about your gambling.

4 thoughts on “It’s tough to get started

  1. This is a great read! Getting started is one of the hardest parts of quitting gambling! But it all starts with admitting your gambling is becoming, or has already become, a problem that is affecting your life. Once you accept this, you have begun the journey to stop problem gambling.

    Like the old smoking ad goes, “quitting is hard, not quitting is harder”.

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