It’s difficult to stop gambling when you’re feeling desperate

After listening to many stories by those experiencing gambling problems it is clear gambling can cause significant harm across many areas of life including financial problems, depression and relationship problems. These negative consequences are often overwhelming and lead to feelings of distress. Many gamblers admitted to me that its at these times gambling becomes difficult to resist as the excitement of gambling makes them feel better. Gambling then becomes a temporary escape from the pain and desperation, which must be endured after all available money, has been spent yet again.  Despite these harms it is hard for many to stop gambling and are continued to be tempted to gamble as short term relief from negative emotions.

It is normal to dislike unpleasant emotions and want to avoid them as they make us feel uncomfortable. What is important is to understand these emotions will pass if you don’t avoid them. You need help to be able to develop strategies to do this. So if you are experiencing these negative emotions and distress about your gambling we advise you to ask a gambling counselor to help you find support to deal with these emotions.

Call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 to speak confidentially about your gambling. Free individual sessions are available to anybody who might be concerned their gambling or you’re significant others gambling that may be concerning you. We also have some strategies to help you get started that are freely available here.

You may like to look at the Gambling help Brochure available on this website that outlines help services and information available through Gambling Help.

One thought on “It’s difficult to stop gambling when you’re feeling desperate

  1. This is great advice for those who may be struggling with gambling problems! By remaining calm and implementing a range of strategies, people will be able to think clearer and thus can better deal with the problem!

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