Is your home life affected by your gambling?

Escaping reality

Having a stable home life is one an essential core need that contributes to our well-being…if your home life is in crisis, it is difficult to go about your daily life.
Home is important because we need to feel comfortable and safe in our living environment. Often when there is tension at home, or we don’t feel a sense of security in our home, it can affect us enormously.
So how does my home life relate to my gambling?
Some people find gambling provides an escape when their home life is unsettled.
Just like with health, these two areas can be both cause and effect. For example, Kendall was having problems at home with her partner- he was hostile and angry a lot of the time and she found herself feeling anxious about coming home. Stopping by the pokies on her way home from work gave her a way to avoid going home for a bit longer – but escalated into a problem of its own:
‘All I could think about was getting to the venue to gamble –when I was there, I felt a sense of relief. After I had spent my money, though, I felt terrible – and still had to face going home to him. It was an escape, but just a temporary one.’
Similarly, gambling can create problems at home. Jim was spending a lot of his time at the casino playing poker and table games. A lot of the games went into the early hours of the morning and he found that he was neglecting his young family in terms of time and material support:
‘My home life definitely suffered as a result of my gambling. I barely saw my kids and stopped doing any of the things I’d used to do as a matter of course – mowing the lawn, helping my wife around the house. I was completely absorbed in my gambling, and it was all I could think about. I felt guilty when I saw my wife upset about it, but felt out of control to change anything. It took me a long time to sort things out at home but it was definitely worth it.’
Is your home life being impacted by your gambling problem? It may help you to talk to a trained counsellor to get some support and get your household back on track. Click on the link below to find out more:

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