Jessica’s Story Part 3:  Family, Community and the difference between Gambling in Australia and China


The open and accepted nature of gambling within the Australian cultures can be at odds with Chinese policies and practices around gambling. For example, gambling in Jessica’s home country gambling is restricted unlike Australia where may forms of gambling are freely accepted. This more open-minded view of gambling and its emphasis on individual ‘responsible gambling’ may be at odds with Jessica’s cultural views. Many Chinese retain the view of ‘gaming’ and ‘gambling’ held in their home countries (Feldman, S. et al 2014).

Jessica spoke of the differences between the Australian and Chinese cultures of gambling:

Chinese immigrants come to Australia with no education about gambling because it’s illegal back home so they don’t know how destructive it can be. And in Australia, there are so many gambling venues – clubs, pubs, RSLs.

In Australia, the schools definitely educate you a bit more about it, so that people are aware of the negative consequences of it.

For help with your gambling problems, please contact:

Multicultural Problem Gambling Program for Chinese Communities

1800 856 800 or 9912 3851, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm

Northern Sydney Local Health District Multicultural Gambling Service – Chinese

02 9477 9567, 8.30am – 5pm

Gambling Helpline

1800 858 858, 24 hours, 7 days a week


Feldman, S., Radermacher, R., Anderson, C. & Dickins, M. (2014). A qualitative investigation of the experiences, attitudes and beliefs about gambling in the Chinese and Tamil communities in Victoria, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. February 2014.

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