Thinking about gambling!


Scientists have known for a long time about the link between thoughts and behaviour – Thinking about past wins may be enough to send you straight back to gambling.

Identifying when you are having those thoughts, and how they lead you back to gambling will be an important part of your stop gambling plan.

Here are some simple strategies that you can do if you have triggering thoughts about gambling.

Change you behaviour

If you have find yourself thinking about gambling, do something else that makes you feel good. Some examples of activities could include:

  • Exercise – walking, running, yoga or swimming.
  • Call a friend and go for a coffee
  • Cook something new
  • Learn a new hobby for example knitting, model building, flower arranging or writing a blog.

These are just a few of the many options available to you. It helps to choose something that you feel passionate about and that you want to do, so that you are easily motivated to do it over and over again so that it becomes a habit.

Support is the key at this time

Regardless of which strategy you use, it is important to build a strong social support network around you.

It is incredible how much of a difference it can make, when there are people in your lives who are providing support and encouragement when you are trying to make positive big change like this.

It makes a lot of sense, when you think about it – even if we are having a bad day, talking to someone who is outside the situation can give us a completely new perspective.

If you’re feeling hesitant to ask for help from a friend or family, ask yourself: ‘What if they needed help? Wouldn’t I want them to come to me for support?’

Time and time again, the people that we talk to who have stopped gambling for good say the same thing – ‘I had some good support, and it made a difference’.

There are a lot of different supports available from Gambling Help – you can call the HelpLine on 1800 858 858 or seek support through the chat or email service. They can talk with you about making some changes and link you in with face to face counselling.


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