The Harms of Hitting Rock Bottom


People with gambling problems don’t need to hit rock bottom to begin to get help.

Hitting rock bottom can be different for different people – for some it’s losing a significant amount of money or a close relationship, for others it can be losing everything. When someone has hit rock bottom the road to recovery can be more difficult.

It can take longer for them to recover due to the extent of the harm and associated shame that can accumulate with ongoing gambling problems. At this time the person experiencing gambling problems may not have the strength and support to begin trying to change their behavior and seek help. The person may feel stuck in the cycle of repeated gambling and chasing their losses.

Adding pressure or using the extreme negative consequences of gambling to motivate someone to seek help at this time is not the best approach as it can result in  the person’s gambling becoming more destructive.

However, paying someone’s bills to alleviate financial problems is also not the answer as it doesn’t usually encourage help seeking. There is free financial help available for people experiencing gambling issues, which can help provide some solutions to a difficult financial situation.

Free counselors are also available for you if someone you care about has a gambling problem.  Please consider seeking free and confidential support from a specialist counsellor by contacting Gambling Help on 1800 858 858.

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