Counselling is not a magic pill

Many clients come to us at counselling after having committed criminal offenses. They were ordered to attend counselling by a judge or probation and parole.  But problem gambling never starts out this way, and you don’t need to be in these kinds of circumstances before you consider counselling.  For many clients, their gambling started out as social, they … Continue reading Counselling is not a magic pill

Help is available for family and friends

Sometimes it's not just problem gamblers who are affected by out of control gambling habits. It affects family members, friends and work colleagues too. Here is Cathy's Story; I have a son who is very heavy into gambling. It all started at the begining of the year when he put 3000 dollars on a bet … Continue reading Help is available for family and friends

About counselling

I work as a problem gambling counsellor.  In counselling a lot of people talk about the highs and lows they feel around their gambling behaviour.  The highs of anticipation, knowing they are going to gamble, thinking they are going to win.  The rush of adrenaline when they win or score the free games feature.  The … Continue reading About counselling