Keeping Secrets

Whether gambling is a problem for a person depends on the circumstances and experience of each individual; however, a typical feature of problem gambling is that it is often shrouded in secrecy – that is it lied about or covered up in some way. Problem gambling is often a cause of embarrassment, guilt and shame, and … Continue reading Keeping Secrets

Acceptance and commitment – Part II

In Part I, I talked about acceptance - acceptance of what cannot be changed in life and of our imperfections. Today I want to talk about how to commit to taking action on what we can change, so that we can live a richer and more meaningful life in line with our values. What are … Continue reading Acceptance and commitment – Part II

Helping a family member

It is estimated that there are between 80,000 and 160,000 Australians with a significant gambling problem, equating to 0.5 to 1.0 per cent of Australian adults. This is a large number but the larger number is hidden behind these figures. For every person who has a problem gambling, there are their spouses, children, parents, and/or … Continue reading Helping a family member

I’m not the person with the problem but problem gambling is making my life hell…

Problem gambling not only affects the person gambling but the behaviours and actions associated with gambling addiction commonly affect the life of 10 or more family and friends close to the person with a gambling problem. One of the great tragedies of gambling problems is that it is often the families of a person with … Continue reading I’m not the person with the problem but problem gambling is making my life hell…

Help! My Partner is a Gambling Addict!

My partner has a problem with gambling and I didn’t know and I’m devastated… Gambling addictions are unlike any other addiction – there are no obvious physical signs, so people can more readily hide their gambling problem and it is common for problem gambling to go on for years, perhaps becoming a bigger problem, as … Continue reading Help! My Partner is a Gambling Addict!

My husband gets angry when I go to the club

A very distressed Sarah wrote to me the other day about her gambling problems. Sarah has had a traumatic few months and now finds she is losing control of her gambling. I have always liked playing the pokies but it had never really been a big problem. Then 9 months ago I had a still … Continue reading My husband gets angry when I go to the club

My husband has a pokie addiction

It’s hard watching a loved one destroy their life.  Gambling can afflict pain not only on the gambler but also on other family members. I received a letter from Louise recently, a woman helping her husband through his gambling addiction… I don’t actually have a gambling addiction, my husband does…. And I don’t know how … Continue reading My husband has a pokie addiction