Shame and Gambling

People experience a complex range of emotions while gambling. Some emotions are undeniably positive such as excitement, surprise, and hopefulness – and individuals may gamble in the hope of experiencing such feelings. Unfortunately another emotion is also often experienced while gambling: shame. Shame has been defined as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused … Continue reading Shame and Gambling

Spin City – The psychology behind the lure of pokies

There are many reasons why people start playing the pokies and why they keep going back. They might have been introduced to pokies by their family or friends, they might play as a form of escape, they might keep going back to try to win back their losses. However, did you know gaming machine designers … Continue reading Spin City – The psychology behind the lure of pokies

Why me?

Many people who experience a problem with poker machines will at some stage ask themselves the question ‘Why me?’. Why do I have this problem and not someone else? It is an important question and so let’s have a look at a couple reasons that might be at play. Before we do this, allow me … Continue reading Why me?

Quit Gambling For Good in 2013

So you’ve tried. Maybe you went without gambling for a week, maybe two. But then, like the time before, and maybe the time before that, you found yourself thinking about it. The urge grew stronger and before you knew it you found yourself there again. The place you promised yourself, maybe even promised your partner … Continue reading Quit Gambling For Good in 2013

The Hokey Pokie machine

Before we put our left (or right) hand into our pockets, get out our wallet and shake it all about, let’s be clear about one thing, pokie machines are not designed to help players make money. Yes, you might sometimes have a win, but if you keep playing, you’ll most likely lose all the money … Continue reading The Hokey Pokie machine

20 things/20 minutes – Surfing your way through change

Often we do things simply because we get the urge to do it. No thinking, we just want to, we just feel like it, so we do it. Sometimes this urge is so powerful that no matter what we think we just have to do it. Urges are what makes changing a behaviour a pretty … Continue reading 20 things/20 minutes – Surfing your way through change

The Pokies Play Tricks On My Mind

In the week I had a message from JKS who is struggling with keeping gambling under control – in particular pokie machines. They talk about the tricks their mind plays and how they feel about telling lies to their family to cover up where they have been and where their money has gone.  Read JKS … Continue reading The Pokies Play Tricks On My Mind