Ved Has a Vent About Gambling

Often gamblers get angry about gambling. Angry at the machines for not paying out, angry at venues and the government for allowing gambling, and most often angry with themselves for continuing to gamble when they want to stop. I received this letter from Ved who has gambled for 9 years. It's in what my mum … Continue reading Ved Has a Vent About Gambling

Josephine’s story

My husband is a compulsive gambler in the stock market losing every single cent of the family's savings.  Presently we are living on banks borrowings.  He has worked as a stock broker since 1996 and has been punting all these years.  He is now indebted to an amount of 200+ thousand. I am very frustrated, … Continue reading Josephine’s story

I used to be a role model

It's hard living up to expectations of others and even harder to admit when gambling is controlling your life. Facing up to the truth and acknowledging what is really going on is one of the first steps to dealing with gambling addiction.  Below is a story I recently received from Anon... I have been gambling … Continue reading I used to be a role model

Anna wants to stop gambling

Anna, a mother with a young son shares her gambling story... I have lied to my family about where I have been at night after work and my days off. After work I will go to the pub near work and gamble for about 3 hours a night, if I don't win I will then … Continue reading Anna wants to stop gambling

Nat’s story

Nat a 20 year old university student shared his story recently, gambling addiction does not discriminate, it can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. I never played the pokies until I was 20, then my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me... I was living alone going to Uni … Continue reading Nat’s story