Why should I understand the poker machines?

An understanding of the ways in which the poker machines operate is an important part in treatment of problem gambling. We may assume we understand how these machines work because we play them often or because ‘people have told us how they work’. However, an accurate understanding of the poker machines must include an understanding [...]

What is Return to Player?

If you are a regular pokies player, you’ve probably heard of something called the 'Return to Player Percentage'. It is something often talked about but not always well understood. It is important to clarify what Return to Player Percentage is, as misunderstandings can lead to problem gambling. By law, every poker machine in Australia must [...]

Spin City – The psychology behind the lure of pokies

There are many reasons why people start playing the pokies and why they keep going back. They might have been introduced to pokies by their family or friends, they might play as a form of escape, they might keep going back to try to win back their losses. However, did you know gaming machine designers [...]

How to Stop Gambling

I have a problem with gambling. I want to stop gambling but don’t know where to start. For anyone who thinks they have a problem with gambling, an important place to start is being honest. A cycle of problem gambling can be broken, and it starts with the person with the gambling problem being honest [...]

I have made a pledge to give up pokies forever

Catherine's gambling escalated over time…she's now pledged to give up pokies all together. I have been playing pokies for about 5 years. My gambling has got worse in the last 12 months. There have been some personal issues I have had to deal with and I think I use gambling to try and forget them. [...]