Jessica’s Story – Part 1

Gambling in Australia is more readily available than anywhere else in the world and this can cause problems for people coming from countries where it is more restricted. For example, recently arrived migrants to Australia can find the freedom of the Australian culture and the constant availability of gambling activities a risk factor for problematic … Continue reading Jessica’s Story – Part 1

Inside the counselling room

Despite Hollywood portrayals, counselling is not lying on a long leather couch talking about your mother.. Did you know that only one in ten people who experience problems with gambling are in treatment at any given time? That’s a very low percentage, especially given the many negative consequences of problem gambling. It got me thinking … Continue reading Inside the counselling room

Having the strength to reach out

In recent decades, awareness about the importance of talking about our problems, instead of keeping them hidden, has increased among the community. In spite of this, many people think that talking about their problems, or asking for help, is a sign of weakness, and that dealing with problems on your own is a sign of … Continue reading Having the strength to reach out

The impact of gambling on loved ones

People with problematic levels of gambling are not the only ones who suffer the negative consequences of gambling. Those closest to them, such as a partner, a child, family member or close friend, may suffer too. This distress can often go unnoticed. Recent research has indicated that partners of individuals with problematic levels of gambling … Continue reading The impact of gambling on loved ones

Riding the wave

Often when we are trying to break a habit we find that we experience urges – thoughts which seem to try to persuade us to engage in the exact behaviour we are trying to avoid. People with gambling problems often report feeling the ‘urge’ to gamble with thoughts such as “I’ll just have a quick … Continue reading Riding the wave