Building your quit gambling muscles

Having ‘stuffed up’ doesn’t mean you give up... At gambling help we often get stories from people who have been doing well controlling their gambling, perhaps not gambling for a few weeks, and then being devastated by a fall into old patterns – angry they’ve “stuffed up again”. While disappointing at the time, relapses are common and … Continue reading Building your quit gambling muscles

Recovering from a Gambling Relapse

Revisiting your game plan after a relapse, giving gambling the boot and getting back where you want to be You’ve probably seen the ads on TV talking about quitting smoking. The one that shows the bloke has given up four times, each time he was able to be free of cigarettes a little longer, and … Continue reading Recovering from a Gambling Relapse

Managing Gambling Worry

Are you constantly thinking about gambling? The difference between thinking about things you really like and thinking about something you used to like, say your gambling, is that it is likely that your gambling thoughts are now unpleasant and make you feel bad. Heavy and even moderate gamblers sometimes worry about their losses, think about … Continue reading Managing Gambling Worry

20 things/20 minutes – Surfing your way through change

Often we do things simply because we get the urge to do it. No thinking, we just want to, we just feel like it, so we do it. Sometimes this urge is so powerful that no matter what we think we just have to do it. Urges are what makes changing a behaviour a pretty … Continue reading 20 things/20 minutes – Surfing your way through change

The Pokies Play Tricks On My Mind

In the week I had a message from JKS who is struggling with keeping gambling under control – in particular pokie machines. They talk about the tricks their mind plays and how they feel about telling lies to their family to cover up where they have been and where their money has gone.  Read JKS … Continue reading The Pokies Play Tricks On My Mind

The World’s Most Notorious Gambler

'Nick the Greek', the world's most notorious gambler is perhaps one of the most well known examples of a person with problem gambling desperately chasing his losses - a sure way to cause yourself more harm and potentially get into even more debt. Nick's game was poker and he had a "career" in the game … Continue reading The World’s Most Notorious Gambler

Women and Gambling

Hi All I have just read Catherine, Rosa and Caroline's stories again and it prompted me to think about how many other women are out there trying to gamble away their sadness, grief, losses, horrible memories, anger, frustration and loneliness? I hear from lots of people about their gambling, and as with Catherine, Rosa and … Continue reading Women and Gambling

How to Stop Gambling

I have a problem with gambling. I want to stop gambling but don’t know where to start. For anyone who thinks they have a problem with gambling, an important place to start is being honest. A cycle of problem gambling can be broken, and it starts with the person with the gambling problem being honest … Continue reading How to Stop Gambling

Stop gambling in 2011

Research says that a problem gambler can think about gambling up to 80% of the time. When you think about it, that’s a lot of brain time being consumed with gambling thoughts. For many people, this is why giving up gambling is hard because without other hobbies and interests it’s easy to become bored, and … Continue reading Stop gambling in 2011

Young gamblers

There are many forms of gambling that young men can become involved in.  You don't have to be in your thirties, suited up on the race track or playing back room poker to a Kenny Rogers soundtrack to have a gambling addiction. In fact research shows that problem gambling begins in adolescence. Unfortunately it can … Continue reading Young gamblers