Talk to a Counsellor

Gambling help is available online for people who prefer to use a live chat or email-based service to talk about their gambling issues. Just like our Gambling Help NSW phone-based service, it provides 24-hour real-time counselling and support. It is operated by qualified and experienced experts who are ready to listen and provide assistance.
The service is free and completely confidential. You can remain anonymous if you wish, and return as many times as you need to.

Talk to a counsellor online now.

Alternatively, call 1800 858 858 to speak to a counsellor or visit our website to find face-to-face counselling near you.

3 thoughts on “Talk to a Counsellor

  1. I am the legal Guardian of Effie, 82 years old, a dementia sufferer who has a gambling problem. She is to be moved from hospital to Hoban House in Pagewood tomorrow – it’s not a great option, but it’s all there is available.

    Our problem is that it’s next door to a pub with pokies – her most powerful weakness. How do I organise to get her barred from playing the pokies in that pub?

    1. Hello Hugh,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m going to give you the details of some places that I think
      will be able to help you out – they’re part of the free services we
      offer and I hope you make contact, they are all lovely people and are
      experienced in helping families and legal guardians dealing with gambling problems.

      The first is the Wesley Community Legal Service. They specialise in
      gambling related legal issues. It’s a free service and they can help
      you with strategies so that you can help Effie with her gambling problem. You can ask them advice about how to get a person barred from a venue.
      They are based in Sydney and the number is 9263 5577.

      Secondly you can physically go to the venue yourself, next door to Hoban House and ask to speak to the Responsible Gambling Officer. They will be able to give you a form to be filled out to have Effie barred from the venue. Speak to Wesley Community Legal Service first to find out about whether you can submit the form as her legal guardian. I hope that this helps.
      Please let me know how you get on,

      Kindest reggrds,

      Counsellor Sam

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