Gambling and holidays – top tips

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be looking forward to relaxing and taking time off. However, Christmas can be a difficult time for many as it can be expensive and often daunting with many expectations including buying presents, attending social events and meeting family obligations. If you are struggling with … Continue reading Gambling and holidays – top tips

The gambler’s fallacy – a risk for relapse

If you have been gambling for some time and you find you are having more trouble controlling the amount you spend, you might notice that you often have thoughts that make you want to gamble more urgently.    Many people battle with these thoughts and try different strategies to distract themselves from focusing on them.  For … Continue reading The gambler’s fallacy – a risk for relapse

Reading this blog can help you pull yourself away from Gambling!

Reading this article (and others like it) can be one of the many ways you can help yourself to stop gambling. But how you may ask? Research shows that recognising that you have a gambling problem, and committing to change is a really important step in your recovery process. You are here because you want … Continue reading Reading this blog can help you pull yourself away from Gambling!

Jessica’s Story – Part 1

Gambling in Australia is more readily available than anywhere else in the world and this can cause problems for people coming from countries where it is more restricted. For example, recently arrived migrants to Australia can find the freedom of the Australian culture and the constant availability of gambling activities a risk factor for problematic … Continue reading Jessica’s Story – Part 1