Jessica’s Story Part 3:  Family, Community and the difference between Gambling in Australia and China

The open and accepted nature of gambling within the Australian cultures can be at odds with Chinese policies and practices around gambling. For example, gambling in Jessica’s home country gambling is restricted unlike Australia where may forms of gambling are freely accepted. This more open-minded view of gambling and its emphasis on individual ‘responsible gambling’ [...]


Starting to think about change is a big process. Often when people begin the process of counselling, we will ask them ‘what is it that motivated you to make this appointment?’ Here is what some of our clients have had to say about the process: ‘I reached a point where I realised I was about [...]

Losing big

Professional Golfer John Daly has always been a maverick in a sport known for its conservative image. He is also a bit of a gambler. In a recent media interview Daly revealed he lost a staggering $55 million between 1991 and 2007. For a long time Daly didn’t know how much he’s lost. He thought [...]

The Pokies Play Tricks On My Mind

In the week I had a message from JKS who is struggling with keeping gambling under control – in particular pokie machines. They talk about the tricks their mind plays and how they feel about telling lies to their family to cover up where they have been and where their money has gone.  Read JKS [...]

The World’s Most Notorious Gambler

'Nick the Greek', the world's most notorious gambler is perhaps one of the most well known examples of a person with problem gambling desperately chasing his losses - a sure way to cause yourself more harm and potentially get into even more debt. Nick's game was poker and he had a "career" in the game [...]